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Discover the 100% Alpaca (Baby) Knitwear pieces for women by the Berlin based Designlabel REH (GERMANY). The permanent womenswear collections are timeless and minimal and encompass reversible 2-in-1 sweaters; alpaca cardigans as a bomber jacket, reversible or with a V-Neck; fine knitwear with a lighter weight; turtleneck sweaters; polo-necks sweaters; comfortable jersey knit sweaters or raglan sleeve sweaters; sweater vests, but also light-weight and short-sleeve knit tops for warmer temperatures.

The weight, raw material, material texture, and the processing method determine the durable quality of all timeless knitwear garments by REH (GERMANY). Each sweater is 100% natural and heavier in weight, in comparison to many other alpaca products on the market.

Moreover the REH (GERMANY) alpaca women’s knitwear is designed and produced for longevity and with fair manufacturing standards. Alpaca fibres are thermoregulating and allergy-friendly, ensuring optimal comfort when adapting to your body’s temperature in response to changing environments.

In colder settings, it retains body heat, while in warmer climates, it wicks away sweat and enhances airflow for a cooling effect. We aim for our Alpaca knitwear to become your lifelong companion, which is why they are characterised by a unique, high-quality standard. Our Alpaca knitwear is not only biodegradable but also energy-efficient. Since baby alpaca knits remain odour-neutral for a very long time, they often require little to no washing at all. In many cases, simply treating the knitwear with hot iron steam or hanging it in the bathroom or by the window during a shower will suffice.

For warmer seasons explore our organic cotton jersey knitwear, that can also wear during colder seasons underneath your alpaca knitwear for more extra warmth. Simplify your wardrobe and everyday life with our sustainable knitwear for women that is designed and made-to-last.


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