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The following terms and conditions apply to all orders placed by the customer (hereinafter referred to as “you”) on this website named, (hereinafter referred to as “REH (GERMANY)”, “website”, “site”, “we”). Please contact for additional information.


All products bought on are sold directly by REH (GERMANY). The E-business activity on this website is solely towards end users, who are themselves final consumers. This policy is a service dedicated to individuals who are personal buyers not to be mixed with business oriented retail activity.



Before you proceed in buying items by sending the order form, you are asked to read the herein terms and conditions.


Before you validate your order – make sure to carefully look at the description of each item ordered (material, size, shape) as well as the price including VAT and delivery costs. Note: Each knitwear product on this website, costing at least 200 €, includes a 2,50 € donation by the customer to the non-profit association AYUDAME Kinderhilfswerk Arequipa e.V. . Of the profit of each sold product worth at least 200 €, REH (GERMANY) will pay another 2,50 €, so that a total amount of 5 € per item can be donated. The collected donations will be transferred to the non-profit organisation AYUDAME Kinderhilfswerk Arequipa e.V. once a year.


To enter a contract for one or more items from, you have to fill and hand in the electronic order form. The order process is finalised when the payment is accepted by your bank.


REH (GERMANY) warns the user that purchased items can be subjected to custom fees. REH (GERMANY) can not be responsible for additional delivery fees. Please check terms and time delivery of the products and conditions for your right to withdraw from purchase as well as terms and time period for returning purchased items.



The contract is concluded when REH (GERMANY) verifies the order after the client’s payment has been accepted. Once the contract is concluded, REH (GERMANY) will process your order.

You can check your order form by pressing the shopping cart symbol.


In case the items presented on are not available at the time when you send your order – REH (GERMANY) will inform you on the current unavailability of the products as soon as possible. If the unavailable product will be restocked some weeks later, you have the option to accept or to refuse the offer. Note: If you decide to pre-order, you will receive a 5% discount.


Once your order is sent via DHL or UPS – REH (GERMANY) will send a confirmation of the sent order including terms and conditions, order description, price details, right to withdraw, delivery schedule and postage fee.



All items on are designed by REH (GERMANY). The current product range is made in Peru and Germany. All items are provided with the original identification label and a product information label. In case the item does not satisfy you and you wish to return it, it is important that you do not remove the label and the seal.


The website neither sells second-hand items, nor defective items or those produced beneath normal market standards or under REH (GERMANY)’s own manufacturing standards.


The main features of each product are listed on in separate descriptions. The images and colours of the items on the site might not correspond to the real colours depending on the web navigator and the screen you are using. However, we try our very best to show colours as close as possible to reality.


If there are defects in the goods you have purchased please email us an image of the damaged product. If you have correctly followed the proper care procedures for REH (GERMANY) goods, but nevertheless noticed any manufacturing faults of REH (GERMANY) goods, please email



Each product on this website, costing more than 200 €, includes a 5 € donation to the non-profit organisation AYUDAME Kinderhilfswerk Arequipa e.V.. For more information go to »Project« below the »About« category.

In general some prices of the items might be updated, therefore please check the final total before sending your order form.


There are no delivery charges on orders over 250 € within Germany. According to the weight of the parcel – delivery costs may vary. If there will be any changes to delivery costs, REH (GERMANY) will inform you.


All products from REH (GERMANY) will be regularly restocked. If you would like to pre-order any items, you will receive a 5% discount.


For residents of the E.U. – VAT is included in the total amount of your order. For non-residents of the E.U., please look at the prices on the website without the German VAT of 19%. Due to the deduction of the German VAT, it is possible, that you have to pay customs fees on arrival of your order.



To pay the item’s price and the required delivery cost via paypal or credit card – you can follow the instructions given in the order form. If you prefer to make a bank transfer – please use the following bank details:

Eliza Helmerich

Bank: DKB Deutsche Kreditbank AG

IBAN: DE41 1203 0000 1050 1008 31



If you pay with a credit/debit card, financial informations (such as card number or expiration date) will be transferred by cryptographic protocol to the credit mutuel bank or other banks providing electronic distance payment. No third party will access these informations. These informations will be used by REH (GERMANY) only to complete your order or to refund you in case of withdrawal, and also to prevent and report to the authorities eventual frauds on As mentioned in the contract policy, the amount of your order and if applicable, the delivery cost – will be debited from your account when you validate the order.


When paying via PayPal, REH (GERMANY) reserves the right to check the validity of the PayPal account, that there is enough funds to cover the purchase sum, and validate the billing address details of the purchaser. REH (GERMANY) reserves the right to deny any purchase. The currency used is Euro € for all countries.


If you wish to make a bank transfer please email for further information. Your order will be sent to you as soon as it has reached REH (GERMANY)’s bank account.



REH (GERMANY) tries its best to deliver worldwide, however, by way of exception REH (GERMANY) can come to the decision not to deliver to specific countries or islands. To verify the delivery to your location please email to


Every order is processed with great care. If you want to change your order, let us know as quickly as possible. If your order’s status is marked as “SENT” in your personal account on, no additional changes can be made. You can check your order by pressing the shopping card symbol.


R.EH ships with DHL and UPS – you will get an e-mail with a tracking number for your package as soon as it leaves the REH (GERMANY) atelier. Expected delivery is within 1 to 5 business days.


In case you decide to exercise your right of withdrawal, the supplier might refuse returned items if one of the labels has been removed, if the item has been worn, washed, altered, damaged, shows stains or smells like perfume, smoke, sweat or food. For more details please read the entire regulation “9. Right of withdrawal”.


The costs to return a purchased item is the responsibility of the customer. To exchange an item, we ask the customer to assume responsibility for sending the parcel back to us. REH (GERMANY) assumes the responsibility of sending the exchanged item for free.



You have the right to break the contract with REH (GERMANY), without any penalty nor specifying the reason, within 14 days after you received the items purchased on It is also possible to change the item for another one, however the fee to return the purchased item, the difference of price with the new item and its delivery are charged to you.


If you want to use your right of withdrawal, REH (GERMANY) can confirm your withdrawal by sending you a return slip. Please message to


In the case of withdrawal, exchange or return – you must return every product you wish to not pay for within 14 days after the day you have received the items. You can use a carrier of your choice and you must pay the entire fee to return the purchased items.


The damage or loss of the items during the return shipping is under your responsibility. This means you need to insure the goods including the REH (GERMANY) gift box – are safely packaged to their commercial value with the carrier, in the same way how REH (GERMANY) ships any item to a client.


The return of purchased items is only considered as successful if completed as follows :

1.  The return form is properly filled and sent to REH (GERMANY)

2.  Returned items are not accepted if worn, used, washed, altered, damaged.

3.  All brand labels must still be attached to the items.

4.  Items must be returned entirely intact and in their original wrapping.

5.  Items must be returned to the REH (GERMANY) all in one shipping.

6.  The items must be returned to REH (GERMANY) within 14 days after the day you

     received them, using the carrier of your choice.

7.  Make sure to send us the tracking number for your return package to


In case of withdrawal, if all the conditions enumerated in article 8.5 are met – REH (GERMANY) will send you an email to confirm the accepted returned items and as well make sure to refund the client within a maximum of 30 days after receiving your returned order.


In case the terms and conditions enumerated in article 9.5 are not met while using your right of withdrawal, you would not qualify for a refund of the amount paid to REH (GERMANY) and the fee for shipping back the items would be for you to pay. However, you could, if you were to ask for it, get the items in the state you returned them to REH (GERMANY) sent to you again at an additional charge.


REH (GERMANY)’s concept is to close a circle between design, production, environmental and social commitment. For the purchase of all knitwear products on this website, costing a minimum of 200 €, REH (GERMANY) contributes a donation of 5 € to the non-profit organisation, AYUDAME Kinderhilfswerk Arequipa e.V.. The gross price only includes a customer donation of 2,50 €. The other 50% are deducted from REH (GERMANY)’s own profit per sold item.

REH (GERMANY) itself is not a non-profit organisation and therefore not allowed to provide tax donation receipts. To avoid bureaucratic burdens, the collected profit is annually donated to will be transferred directly by REH (GERMANY) to the bank account of the selected nonprofit organisation the selected non-profit association. For more information go to »Project« below the »About« category.

Note: In the future REH (GERMANY) might decide to select a new non-profit organisation. If this is the case, REH (GERMANY) will update the Project page on www.r-eh-com.


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