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    Shop Stoneware Ceramic Plantware by REH (GERMANY)

    Explore the minimal range of REH (GERMANY) quality home products to elevate your home, restaurant, holiday apartments, hotel or café. Our stoneware ceramic vases, planters, plant pots and cachepots for plants and flowers embody unparalleled craftsmanship and a commitment to natural, biodegradable materials.

    Genuine Stoneware Ceramic Plantware

    Discover our minimalist ceramic plantware designs from various-sized vases, plant pots, cachepots to planters for various-sized plants and flower boquets. Combine the plantware ceramics between black and white matt, raw unglazed or a subtle lichen grey. Each purist and unobtrusive ceramic design and form directs your focus to the unique flower bouquets and plants the vases and planters hold.

    Handmade Ceramics from Berlin, Germany

    Embark on a journey with our stoneware ceramics, showcasing various glazes and finishes like grey, raw unglazed, white, or black matte. Crafted entirely by hand by one of the last professional artisans for stoneware ceramic manufacturing in Germany, each piece tells a unique story. The entire crafting process, from shaping the stoneware on a potter’s wheel to glazing, unfolds in Germany. With several drying periods and a double-firing process of 1300 °C for each ceramic piece, the meticulous production takes approximately 14 days.

    Our dishwasher-safe ceramics are designed for daily use, be it at home, in offices, studios, or gastronomic settings—ranging from restaurants, cafés, gourmet cuisine to hotels and holiday apartments.

    Shop conveniently online or experience the allure of our Atelier Store at Lobe Block in Berlin Gesundbrunnen.

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