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REH (GERMANY) exists due to a faithful and diverse clientele comprised of artists, architects, designers, artisans, craftsmen, chefs, gastronomers, gardeners, bookbinders, writers, musicians, authors, teachers, professors, curators, collectors, cultural scientists, economists, engineers, teachers, policemen, doctors, lawyers, politicians from all ages, various backgrounds and from around the world.

Selected Clients

The New Institute (Hamburg), Lobe Canteen (Berlin), Restaurant Baret at the Humboldt Forum Museum (Berlin), Baldon Restaurant (Berlin), Studio Yoga at Lobe (Berlin), Unicorns&Lions (Berlin), Stadtflucht – Sustainable Holiday Apartments (Berlin) …

Advantage of Direct-to-Consumer Prices

As a direct-to-consumer label, REH (GERMANY) ensures budget-friendly prices for authentic, fair and made-to-last goods for everyday life.

This means that all REH (GERMANY) designs are sold directly to private clients, institutions and businesses, eliminating high luxury margins.

If distributed through trade fairs, agents, or traditional retail channels, all product designs would be priced two to three times higher.

This commitment to affordability and accessibility sets us apart from the common design market.

Explore and shop the complete collection of REH (GERMANY) designs directly on the online store or experience them in person at the Atelier Store located at Lobe Block Studio 1.2, Böttgerstraße 16, 13357 Berlin.

REH (GERMANY) Steinzeug Keramik Tassen und nachhaltige Strickwaren.
Creative industry for sustainable development around the globe analog photography by Rachael Spink for REH (GERMANY)

Become a Client

All products you see on the onlineshop are available in a limited stock in Berlin and can be aquired directly online and offline as well as pre-ordered.

For larger quantity orders, quantity discounts, exclusive productions, cooperations or any other special request – please e-mail to

Exclusive Design Productions

Exclusive design productions in shape, pattern, fibres, colours and glazes of the REH (GERMANY) alpaca knitwear designs or stoneware ceramic tableware and plantware are possible in cooperation with selected stores, museum shops, restaurants, cafés, hotels, private homes, offices, stores, design studios and architects.

For exclusive design productions – please e-mail your special request to

Store or Brand Cooperations

If you are store owner and would like to sell REH (GERMANY) designs, this is only possible on a commission-based cooperation, since REH (GERMANY) is a direct-to-consumer label with non-wholesale online prices.

Wholesale requests are facilitated through exclusive design productions, providing a range of options in varying colours, glazes, and shapes tailored to meet your business needs.

For store or brand cooperations – please e-mail your special request to


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