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Product image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
Product image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
Product image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
Product thumbnail image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
Product thumbnail image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
Product thumbnail image for »Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic

»Geodesic White« Large Tray Plate Ménage | Genuine Stoneware Ceramic
N° ICD16

White matte speckled High Rim Stoneware Ceramic Tray Plate | Hand-thrown Artisanal Quality | »Polar« Ceramic Design Collection 2015

100% Genuine Stoneware | Speckled Clay
White Matt

Made in Germany


The »Geodesic White« is a multi-purpose plate tray made of stoneware ceramic, designed to function as both tableware and plantware. Use it as a tray to serve and display fruits, bread, or nuts, or showcase it in the kitchen or on a table as an elegant holder for oil and vinegar bottles, or the matching REH (GERMANY) ceramic sugar and jars with hole or jam or tea jars with lid. Its universal shape also allows for use as a minimalist Ikebana ceramic tray for artfully arranging flowers on a kenzan. The »Geodesic White« variant features a dark speckeled white matte surface, lending it a natural and timeless aesthetic. Crafted by one of the last remaining family-run stoneware ceramic manufacturers in Germany, this genuine stoneware ceramic is hand-thrown. All REH (GERMANY) stoneware ceramics are authentic and fired at temperatures of up to 1300 °C, making them dishwasher-safe and durable.

Discover the »Geodesic Black« with a minimal black matte glaze.

Echte Steinzeug Keramik von REH (GERMANY) Handgedreht in Deutschland

Design Concept

This ceramic piece is part of the black and white »Polar« collection from 2015, from which the grey, unglazed »Singular« ceramic collection was created in 2021. All ceramics in black, white and grey are designed so that they can be combined with each other.

The black and white »Polar« collection describes contrasts and differences, while the grey »Singular« collection embodies equality and diversity. In every culture, people experience and negotiate their similarities and differences when they come together around a table. Both tableware collections symbolise how important it is today to accept and integrate differences and diversity. High-quality, durable and therefore valuable everyday objects are therefore not only timeless companions, but also modern tools that can encourage us to consume less and more locally in order to have more time for the important things in life.

Traditional stoneware ceramics with a modern, minimalist design by REH (GERMANY). Handcrafted in Germany, featuring dishwasher-safe quality.

Singular Product

While our ceramic collections seem homogeneous at first, each piece is singular with subtle unique differences, influenced by factors such as hand-thrown production on the potter's wheel, glazing, shrinkage during the drying processes, and the varying heat temperatures depending on the oven placement during the double-firing process.

Handcrafted Tradition

Using hand-thrown stoneware embodies the idea of a connection between an artist and a community, a link with other people rather than with factories, machines or corporations. Since hand-thrown stoneware ceramics are based on the tradition of human interaction, they represent an investment in an aesthetic that values patience and celebrates humanity in object.

Die deutsche Designerin Eliza Helmerich und der Steinzeug Keramikmeister Thomas Thunig fotografiert von Kerstin Müller in 2023


  • Large tray plate with high rim
  • White matt finish
  • Subtle dark speckles
  • Hand-thrown signatured Ceramic
  • Dishwasher-safe
  • Waterproof

Material Characteristics

Artisanal Process and Excellence

All REH (GERMANY) ceramics are entirely made by hand, from shaping the stoneware on a potter’s wheel to glazing. The entire handmade production with drying periods and a double-firing process for each ceramic piece takes about 14 days.

Spülmaschinentaugliches Steinzeug-Keramik von REH (GERMANY). Jede Keramik wird von Hand gedreht, glasiert und so heiß wie Porzellan gebrannt.

Difference between Earthenware, Stoneware and Porcelain

Incorrectly, earthenware (Steingut) is often mistaken for stoneware (Steinzeug) on the market, today. However, it is important to distinguish earthenware from stoneware, because it is of lower, cheaper quality and less durable compared to genuine stoneware ceramics.

1.0 Earthenware is fired at lower temperatures (1000-1100°C), making it porous and less dense. It’s relatively soft and can chip or break easily, and is less water-resistant compared to stoneware or porcelain.

2.0 Stoneware, fired at higher temperatures (1200-1300°C), is denser and more robust due to a higher clay mineral density, offering better liquid resistance and durability, especially when fired at 1300°C. Therefore all REH (GERMANY) stoneware ceramics are fired with a temperature of 1300 °C. The grey or speckled clay give the stoneware ceramics its natural character in colour and texture.

3.0 Porcelain, is equally fired at very high temperatures (1300°C), has a dense, glass-like surface and is exceptionally hard, impact-resistant, and durable, owing to a higher kaolin content.

In summary, porcelain and stoneware fired at 1300 °C are the highest quality and most durable materials. The higher the firing temperature and the purer the composition, the finer and more durable the end product.

Function and durability

The high-quality stoneware ceramics are dishwasher-safe and waterproof, as they are fired at temperatures of 1300°C, similar to porcelain. The ceramics withstand heat and water heated up to 70 °C. Our teapots, planters, vases etc. are also waterproof and won’t leak. Therefore, both stoneware tableware and plantware are ideal for the use in restaurants, cafés, hotels, or at home.

Genuine Stoneware tabeware and planters by REH (GERMANY) hand-thrown by one of the last stoneware manufacturers in Germany.


The speckled basalt clay features irregular speckles. At high furnace temperatures, the iron in the basalt-spots melts, leaving behind very few, fine but dark spots. The unique nature of the speckled effect depends on the size of the particles, the distribution of sizes, their abundance, the colour of the clay and the degree to which they melt. Another factor is the characteristics of the glaze e.g. degree of matteness, colour, thickness of application, the way it interacts with the basalt-spots, has as well an effect on the appearance. Therefore each piece has a very unique character, moreover slight deviations in size are possible due to the handmade quality.

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Product Material

100% speckled basalt clay (Origin: Germany)

Care Guide Card

100% Natural Cardpaper


100% Recycled Packaging Materials

100% Recycled Paper, Cardboard


Clean by hand or in a dishwasher at 70 °C or a higher temperature.

To remove stains or any other possible deposits caused by tea or coffee, simply use a metal sponge or scouring milk.



Size Guide

Height: 4 cm
Diameter: 30 cm

Note: Due to the handmade quality each ceramic piece has a unique character, therefore slight deviations are possible.


Preserving Cultural Heritage

Choosing our stoneware ceramics means acquiring more than just high-quality ceramics. Above all, you’re supporting artisans and safeguarding their invaluable expertise in crafting stoneware ceramics, thereby preserving this artisanal tradition as cultural heritage.

The traditional, family-operated Saxon ceramic manufacturer, responsible for crafting all the stoneware tableware and plantware designs by REH (GERMANY), was established during the German Democratic Republic (DDR) in 1976. To this day, it remains a small, dedicated team.

Traditionelle Steinzeug Keramik mit modernem, puristischem Design von REH (GERMANY). Handgedreht in Deutschland, mit spülmaschinentauglicher Qualität.

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