The second clothing edition by R.EH Germany is a unisex organic cotton jersey range of durable ringer t-shirts, regular t-shirts and longsleeves. Over several years we’ve researched, developed and refined our heavy-duty organic cotton jersey textile and basic styles together with craftsmen and smaller family businesses. Having in mind, that the durability of our thick organic cotton textile is extinct – gives our products an artisanal and highly sustainable unique feature. Also the high-quality finishing of our classic permanent jersey collection is truly rare and exclusively available through us.

Fabric & Finishing Quality

This organic cotton jersey top distinguishes itself by its highly durable jersey knit quality that was exclusively developed with Gota – a manufacturer from the south of Germany – producing high quality jersey textiles on ancient knitting machines. In charge of the heavy-duty processing was the family-run business Knackfuss, which is located at the same place as the knitting factory.

The custom-made jersey textile and flatlock seaming is more robust and sustainable in comparison to conventional jersey products, as its medium thick jersey knit and high quality finishing is simply much more durable. The weight and the soft haptic of this jersey textile is simply unique in its kind and has been valued and confirmed by textile experts. The organically grown cotton from Greece combined with this rare jersey knit quality and heavy-duty finishing is making this T-shirt a coveted piece for your every day wardrobe throughout the year.


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