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Product image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey
Product image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey
Product image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey
Product thumbnail image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey
Product thumbnail image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey
Product thumbnail image for »Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey

»Papanek« Reversible Sweater Alpaca | Turquoise Green Grey

Reversible Raglan Sweater in Petrol, Turquoise, Green, Grey | Enduring Knitwear Quality 100% Baby Alpaca | Reversible Design Edition 2022

100% Alpaca (Baby)
Green, Grey Melange, Petrol, Turquoise
Medium Loose Fit / Unisex

Made in Peru


Introducing »Papanek«: a reversible alpaca sweater by REH (GERMANY), providing hypoallergenic comfort and thermoregulation. This 2-in-1 knitwear design effortlessly transitions from solid grey melange to a vivid mix of turquoise with green and petrol raglan sleeves. Named after Victor »Papanek« (1923-1998), an Austrian-American designer, educator, and advocate for socially responsible design. His work prioritised inclusive, sustainable design principles, asking designers to consider the environmental and social impacts of their creations. Papanek's legacy continues to inspire a generation of designers to approach their craft with responsibility, empathy, purpose and a commitment to positive change. Thus, this responsibly designed sweater features fair manufacturing methods as well as 100% natural and biodegradable fibres in order to create a made-to-last, timeless and genderneutral unisex-garment for everyday use.

Add the matching Yanagi Scarf and Beanie and celebrate your new modern, timeless and permanent companions.


  • Reversible doubleface knitwear
  • 2-in-1 Design for wearing on both sides
  • Folded knit bands
  • Raglan sleeves
  • Crew neckline
  • Thermoregulating
  • Allergy-friendly


To ensure the longevity of our 100% natural alpaca knitwear, please follow these easy care instructions:

Avoid Washing

  • Alpaca knitwear naturally neutralises odours, so washing is not necessary.
  • Instead: Steam or steam iron the alpaca knitwear regularly
  • Air by the window
  • Hang in a steamy bathroom
  • Place it in the freezer
  • Use Organic Dry Cleaning Services

If Washing is required

  • Hand or machine wash with cold water (30°C).
  • Use organic Wool Detergent
  • Lay flat to dry
  • Avoid wringing
  • Do not tumble dry

Stain & Pilling Removal

  • Use Organic Dry Cleaning Services
  • To treat stains, gently spot clean using palm oil free curd soap/ vegan gall soap and a damp cloth.
  • Note: It’s important to thoroughly rinse out all the soap residue using water and a clean cloth, as any remaining soap can potentially cause additional stains
  • Pilling refers to the formation of fiber nodules on the textile surface, typically occurring in areas with friction, such as where the arms touch the upper body or on the lower back. It takes a long time and a lot of friction for pilling to form on alpaca knits. Compared to finer Baby Alpaca knits, 100% alpaca is much less prone to pilling. It’s recommended not to use a pilling shaver too frequently.


  • We recommend storing this knit piece flat or folded over the crossbar of a hanger
  • The sweater is delivered in a storage box, which can be optionally used for storing


  • Avoid sharp edges and velcro fasteners to prevent threads from being pulled
  • If a thread is pulled, you can use our knitwear repair needle, in order to easily pull back the yarn to the back side of the knit piece or towards the interspace of the reversible knitwear

Size Guide

  • The model is wearing size M. The corresponding men’s sizes range from EU 48-52, UK 38-42, US 38-42.
  • Although the sweater is free of elastane, the 100% natural jersey rib knit technique provides extra elasticity, compared to the jacquard and reversible doubleface knitwear.
  • Thanks to its natural elasticity, the sweater can expand by up to 1.0 cm, therefore you may opt for one size smaller.

To find the right size, please measure your own sweater and compare the measurements:

  1. Place your sweater on a smooth, even surface.
  2. For both length and width measurements, ensure that they are taken from the highest and widest sections of the sweater while it remains flat.
  3. To measure the sleeve (3) and sweater length (1), start from where the neckline band begins and measure down to the end of the sleeve hem.

Herren-Größenempfehlung und internationale Größentabelle für den Reversiblen Pullover von REH (GERMANY)

Note: Slight variations are rare, but they can occur due to production tolerances.


Inspired by AYUDAME Kinderhilfswerk Arequipa e.V.’s willingness to help, for every knitwear piece you purchase exceeding a value of 200€, we will donate 5€ to the non-profit organisation AYUDAME Children’s Aid Arequipa e.V. at the end of each year.

The gross price includes a customer donation of 2,50€, with the remaining 2,50€ being contributed by REH (GERMANY).

Read more about the Project.

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