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All REH (GERMANY) designs serve as unobtrusive companions, adaptable and reliable in an ever-changing world. Their value is anchored in 100% natural materials and a commitment to lasting quality. Each design is crafted to minimise its environmental footprint while simultaneously enhancing our perception of the contemporary material landscape and strengthening our connection with the world we aim to create.

REH (GERMANY) Ceramics are made by hand by one of the last stoneware ceramic artisans in Germany
REH (GERMANY) Ceramics are hand-thrown by one of the last stoneware ceramic artisans in Germany. Discover high-quality, enduring and dishwasher-safe stoneware tableware and plantware designed with a timeless aesthetic by REH (GERMANY)

Explore hand-thrown stoneware ceramic designs, including tableware and plantware, crafted by one of the last German stoneware ceramic manufacturers for REH (GERMANY).

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Yanagi Strickmütze Alpaka mit passendem Schal für Frauen aus petrolfarbenen Alpakagarnen.

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Knitwear for Women

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Knitwear for Men

High Quality Hockney Baby Alpaca Men's Sweater - Vibrant Turquoise Green

All REH (GERMANY) stoneware ceramics are handcrafted by one of the last remaining stoneware ceramic manufacturers in Germany. Discover high-quality tableware, vases, and planters, each embodying a purist and timeless aesthetic born from natural materials shaped by skilled hands. These dishwasher-safe ceramics are designed for everyday use at home, in ateliers, studios, offices as well as in gastronomy – from restaurants, cafés, gourmet cuisine to hotels and holiday apartments. Shop online or visit the Atelier Store in Berlin.

REH (GERMANY) Alpaca Knitwear: Experience thermoregulating comfort, allergy-friendly knitwear quality paired with a timeless and genderneutral aesthetic.

Experience allergy-friendly knitwear quality and thermoregulating comfort – paired with a timeless and genderneutral aesthetic.


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