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Explore the New Light-Weight Alpaca Knitwear Edition made fair in Peru

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REH Echte Steinzeug Keramik

Authentic Stoneware Ceramics made in Germany


New Terra Longsleeve

Alpaca T-Shirt

New Terra Shortsleeve

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Stoneware Tableware and Plantware for at Home, Restaurants and Cafés

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Terra Aqua Planta – Editorial Coming Soon

R-EH Lobe Lokal

Eat on authentic Stoneware Tableware by R.EH at Lobe Lokal, Lobe Block Berlin

REH Steinzeug Keramik für gehobene Gastronomie im Baret Humboldt Forum, Berlin

Baret, Berlin

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Orangene 100% Baby Alpaka Decke von R.EH. Alpaka ist antibakteriell, waschfrei, thermoregulierend und hypoallergen. Aus fairer Herstellung in Peru

New 100% Alpaca (Baby) Blankets

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Traditional Kimchi Recipe – Read Now!

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Circular Project

Günther Anders

Günther Anders, ‘‘Fashion is the measure the industry uses to make its own products obsolete.’’

R.EH – Future-proof Design Label from Berlin – Self-Cleaning Alpaca Knitwear & Hand-Thrown Stoneware Ceramics

The sustainable design label R.EH based in Berlin – subtly refers to the Bauhaus aesthetic and principles – representing durability, high quality and functionality in clothing, accessories and interior design. All made-to-last designs are timeless and are created for becoming loyal everyday companions for life.

Authentic stoneware ceramics – such as tableware and plantware – are made of German clay and are hand-thrown locally in Germany.

The durable knitwear is ethically made from the finest 100% Alpaca & Baby Alpaca yarns. The fibre features antibacterial, allergy-friendly and thermoregulating properties.

All R.EH products follow fair and transparent manufacturing guidelines in cooperation with smaller family businesses in Germany and Peru.


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