In a world growing weary of synthetic materials and fast fashion – but enthusiastically turning towards more sustainable and ethical choices, the alpaca knitwear designed by R.EH offers an opportunity for consumers to reduce their consumption and washing habits by wearing washless antibacterial knitwear designed to last longer.

The new 2-in-1 R.EH edition is another example of how to improve and minimalise one’s wardrobe with natural, fair-made, self-cleaning, durable, thermoregulating, hypallergenic knitwear – which now even provides the added value of being Reversible – offering two colourways in one for the sweater, scarf and beanie.

Each knitwear piece provides an artisanal quality and a unique and thick haptic which became extinct in common retail. The heavier and thicker alpaca knit qualitycombined with fair paid small-scale manufacturing process increases production costs at the expense of profitability. Growth-oriented fashion brands always reduce production costs at the cost of quality through poor finishing, thin textiles and unethical low wages. In contrast, ethical brands dissociate themselves from economies of scale. Instead, they aim to add new and necessary value to our consumption habits and environment. To keep sustainable clothing affordable – brands like R.EH sell directly to customers – without high retail margins.

As a future-oriented designer – I design for longevity and naturally want my customers to consume less but better and fair products that become a lifelong companion for which one wants to care for. Building a classic, resilient and modular wardrobe is one solution I recommend conscious fashion consumers while adding more expressive and fashionable garments through rental or secondhand platforms.


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