The second clothing edition by R.EH Germany is a unisex organic cotton jersey range of durable ringer t-shirts, regular t-shirts and longsleeves. Over several years we’ve researched, developed and refined our heavy-duty organic cotton jersey textile and basic styles together with craftsmen and smaller family businesses. Having in mind, that the durability of our thick organic cotton textile is extinct – gives our products an artisanal and highly sustainable unique feature. Also the high-quality finishing of our classic permanent jersey collection is truly rare and exclusively available through us.

Organic Cotton Versus Regular Cotton

Compared to conventional cotton, organic cotton farming refrains from using hazardous pesticides, herbicides, fertilisers and genetically engineered seeds by replacing it with natural alternatives that protect against pests and weeds while replenishing soil fertility. For example organic farming applies crop rotation, which is a natural and effective way to break insect pests and plant disease cycles. Cotton fibre which is not processed with chemicals is not only free of allergens but also much more durable, therefore organic cotton can be considered as much more sustainable than conventional cotton.

A regular cotton T-Shirt takes up to 2700 litres of water due to the need for water-scarce farming areas and the chemicals used during the growth and production stages. Furthermore conventional cotton farming applies monocropping or sole cropping, which is depleting the soil and making it incapable of saving water. Since organic cotton is a rotation crop, the soil maintains its nutrients and much better stores water and thus requires less water than standard cotton. Moreover organic cotton is rain-fed, reducing the pressure on local water sources.


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